GLA Boost for Pets

Vital X Hemp oil is a true superfood supplement with an array of nutrients. Unlike CBD oil, Vital X Hemp oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant, whereas CBD oil comes from the stems, leaves, and buds and contains cannabidiol. Vital X Hemp oil contains very little CBD (cannabidiol) but is rich in nutrients and offers many health benefits.

Vital X Hemp oil helps to boost the production of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) an especially valuable Omega-6 fatty acid. Your animal’s body naturally synthesizes GLA, but even healthy animals are often deficient. GLA is a vital building block for prostaglandins, a hormone-like substance that helps control inflammation and supports various body functions. GLA deficiencies lead to allergies, arthritis, premature aging, digestive issues, diabetes, various skin problems, and cancer.

Vital X Hemp oil naturally increases the production of your animals GLA levels and provides an essential balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that work harmoniously to reduce inflammation and boost the function of the immune system. Vital X Hemp oil also contains vitamins E & A which are powerful antioxidants and help reduce free radicals and eliminate oxidative stress. Hemp oil also contains phospholipids, a molecule that maintains cell structure and function, allowing for the inhibition of growth for certain types of tumors and reduces the side effects of conventional cancer drugs.

Studies have found that the use of hemp oil is a wonderful supplement that works to

  • Reduces Allergies

  • Manage Arthritis Pain

  • Reduce Irritable Bowel Disease

  • Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

  • Reduce Risk of Diabetes

  • Improve Liver and Kidney Function

  • Inhibit Growth of Tumors

  • Reduce Risk of Cancer

  • Helps with Cognitive Disorders

  • Improves Brain Health

  • Boosts Immune Function

  • Manages Inflammation

  • Relieves a Variety of Skin Conditions and Helps Maintain a Smooth, Glossy Coat


All our products are Vegan, Non-GMO, and Dairy Free.

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